At Insight Wealth Advisors, LLC, we provide our clients with a broad spectrum of services and resources, as well as a variety of innovative techniques and creative planning strategies. Our experienced financial professionals focus on helping clients find growth opportunities while preserving their capital and reducing taxes. We offer the following menu of services:

Critical Wealth Management Issues

For Individuals:

· Wealth accumulation techniques The keys to accumulating wealth are savings, time, and return. Our goal is to give each client an actionable and evolving plan that defines how much they need to save, given realistic risk and return assumptions, to meet their retirement goals and timeline.

· Estate planning and wealth transfer strategies – At Insight, we tailor estate plans to your needs. For some, the primary objective is to maximize the wealth transferred to your descendents.  For others, we can help formulate a charitable giving approach or some combination of the two strategies. We will devise an estate plan based on current estate and tax laws, while working with your attorney for final arrangements.

· Retirement planning strategies and retirement distribution strategies – Depending on your circumstances, retirement planning strategies can range from the relatively simple (employer 401K, IRA, taxable account savings) to the relatively complicated (defined benefit pension plans, cash balance plans, annuities, etc.). As you enter retirement, these strategies, and certainly the *asset allocation within these strategies, may change. We believe a fixed distribution strategy for retirement plans is outdated and that clients will be better served by a strategy that maximizes after tax distributions as well as ensuring that resources are not outlived.

*asset allocation does not protect against loss of principal.

· Investment management – Insight is an open architecture practice. What that means for our clients is we are not limited to any proprietary investment managers or products, and our fees are transparent with nothing hidden. Therefore, we sit alongside our clients to select managers and products that suit their best interests. We focus on wealth accumulation and managing risk, while incorporating tax and estate needs into our asset allocation. When searching for investment choices or strategies, we look for a stable management team, solid and sustainable track records of performance, exhaustive due diligence procedures, and the ability to manage risk.


· Insurance planning – Insurance planning is about managing the risk of unexpected life events. We will identify areas that are at risk in your financial plan and protect those areas by recommending and implementing the proper insurance strategy.


· Eldercare planning – Eldercare planning is planning that secures the proper care and financial security as you enter an advanced age. This includes budgeting, Social Security and Medicare planning, long term care planning, and the use of durable powers of attorney for health care and financial matters. This ensures when care and management of your affairs are delegated to others, it is in accordance with your plans and wishes.

· Educational funding strategies – With the increasing cost of higher education for our children and grandchildren, education planning is essential to a solid financial plan. We look at strategies that will provide that assets are available when needed. Based on the projected cost of various colleges, we can implement an education savings plan that can help reach your goals, without sacrificing your retirement.

For Business Owners:

· Employee health and benefit plans, profit sharing, pension, and 401(k) plans As a business owner, we will help you develop and implement a complete benefits strategy that fits the needs of both the company, its key employees and staff.

· Business valuation and succession – At Insight, we can help you assess the value of the business, while developing a succession plan that meets your business and personal needs.  We will shape a plan that minimizes estate taxes, avoids future potential legal costs, and diminishes family and interfamily disputes. We will also develop strategies to protect and insure against the departure, disability, or death of an owner or key employees.  

· Exit strategy planning – Many business owners have a disproportionate share of their wealth tied up in their business. Therefore a well defined exit strategy is imperative for proper retirement planning for business owners. A well defined business owner exit strategy will take into account your business, individual, and tax planning needs. We can suggest strategies for selling your business outright, or transferring your interest to family members, key employees, or fellow owners.